Roles of Campus Leaders

The following roles of campus leaders in the Cluster Hiring Initiative are meant to assure that the campus hires, nurtures and retains topnotch faculty via the cluster initiative, and to create an environment that fosters the ongoing development of interdisciplinary research, teaching and outreach activities of campus clusters. Cluster faculty are expected to fulfill the normal responsibilities of a faculty member for teaching, research and public service, unless the letter of cluster proposal and letter of appointment specify otherwise.

Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff

The Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff is responsible for the overall management and coordination of central campus policies and practices of the Cluster Hiring Initiative.

Lead Dean

The Lead Dean is responsible for the oversight of the intellectual and academic vitality of the individual cluster programs assigned to their school/college.

Cluster Coordinator

The Cluster Coordinator functions as the lead contact for the cluster and provides significant direction and support for cluster faculty hiring and career development.

Department Chairs of Tenure Home Departments (and joint appointments)

The department chairs of tenure home departments are responsible for the career development of cluster faculty members being mindful of the additional responsibilities inherent in the role of cluster faculty.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School may serve as a partner with the Lead Dean to coordinate cluster faculty hires and start-up packages. 


Call for new proposals to be announced at a future date to be determined.